Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Rosalind Peterson: The Chemtrail Cover-Up

Rosalind Peterson of California Skywatch was a certified U.S.D.A. Farm Service Agency Crop Loss Adjustor working in more than ten counties throughout California. She now spearheads a watchdog group that monitors uncontrolled experimental weather modification programs, atmospheric heating and testing programs, and ocean and atmospheric experimental geoengineering programs Peterson is at the forefront of the chemtrail research field and how the unexplained patterns that scar our skies are "causing detrimental human health effects and environmental degradation."

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

ETV (AK) - Chemtrail ilmaennustus (2010)

Year 2010 chemtrails in Estonia, ETV news-weather report, 2010
(Chemtrail normalisation, Subliminal TV)

Kollektsioon Eestis 2010 aastal filmitud chemtrail jälgedest ja ETV Aktuaalse Kaamera chemtrail normalisatsioon-dresseeringu taustavisuaal. Lisaks Jaan Kaplinski ja Eerik-Niiles Krossi paljutähenduslikud ilmed.

Audio(heli) filmist:
What in the world are they spraying? (2010) (1-7)

Kogutud playlist - Chemtrailid TV reklaamides, filmides ja pc mängudes (Chemtrails In TV Commercials, Ads, Movies & Games):